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IIL helps people and organizations leverage the creativity and innovative approaches to solve significant problems, capture new opportunity, and create greater value for the organization and its stakeholders.

About The Lab

Intrapreneurship is when professionals within the workplace think and act like entrepreneurs, meaning they can take initiative to identify opportunities, solve problems, collaborate on vision, and make the best use of limited resources to create greater outcomes. What if many of your people thought and acted like intrapreneurs- would it help your organization even more?

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Engage with any of our programs to inspire your team with innovative mindsets and skills

Virtual Mini-Labs

Our virtual mini-labs are a space to re-ignite the creative spark, re-think existing methods, and bring a fresh approach to problem-solving at work. Using real-life scenarios, you will acquire skills and mindsets to create new value at work. Our upcoming session holds in March. Link to register below.

On-site Sessions

We can deliver on-site sessions for your team centered around best practices in creativity, innovation, and problem-solving to help unlock areas of value and inspire confidence in teams to solve problems and create value in the workplace. Do reach us to speak more and arrange a solution for you.

Custom Consultation

We offer custom consultation sessions with leaders including Team Leads, Supervisors, and Managers looking to support their people by being more innovative thinkers and doers. Do reach us to speak more and arrange a solution for you.

Innovation Retreats

Our retreat is a full-week in-person, carefully designed, and curated experience with experts from a diversity of fields. Your teams will relax and rejuvenate in a calming environment as they work on tough problems and business cases, collaborate with professionals from other workplaces, and tap into new insight. The retreat also focuses on best practices for fostering innovation and intrapreneurship within the workplace. When you and your organization participate in the retreat. Our 2023 Retreat will take place in November 2023. Contact us at hello@learnibleglobal.com for more details on participation.

Some of Our Experts

The team is made up of experienced intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs bringing diverse experiences across sectors and more than 40 years of combined experience

Dan Gilbert

Founder and Principal at Gilbert + Chittenden

Ebony Utley

Professor, Public Speaker, Startup Storyteller, Entrepreneur

Demilade Oluwasina

Convener, LEXICON & Founder, Learnible Global

Upcoming Programs

Virtual Mini-Lab


3-day Lab

In-person retreat Week

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