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Product Management Graduate Program

Application Deadline: 13th March 2023

Are you a recent graduate looking to start or build a career in Product Management?

Are you excited about building and driving adoption for interesting products that meet the needs of users and consumers? Do you have an entrepreneurial approach or drive?

Are you excited about taking an entrepreneurial approach to building and driving adoption of impactful products that meet the needs of users?

Details of the Program

The product management fellowship is a hands-on program that will help you get started with product thinking and in building & managing impactful and successful products. Through a practical approach, working with different types of products, especially digital products, you will learn to create value for users and become part of a global community of individuals delivering transformative experiences for people through value-adding products every day
Program Learning Components:


There are 2 main tracks of the program which are intertwined as product management skill areas. While you might pick a specialization and focus more on that area, you will learn from the other track.

Product Design

This involves imagining, designing, and creating products that solve users’ problems or meet the needs of users within a market. As a product designer, you spend time understanding the needs and pain points of users in order to be able to craft features and solutions that solve real problems for people.

Product Marketing

This involves creating and implementing strategies to introduce products into the market and grow the adoption of products by users in the market. As a product marketer, your will develop, implement, and champion successful marketing strategies for products.

Products that you will work with range from online learning products like courses to web applications to productized services and more. In general, you will take a product approach to solve pain points and users’ problems. This will be particularly within the Learning performance & Development and Entrepreneurship development space.

Duration and Schedule

This is a full-time engagement at approximately 40 hours per week in a hybrid arrangement with mostly in-person requirements. It is a work-learning role and so, work deliverables are expected as you would deliver in any standard role.
You will spend approximately [including learning time]

Product Development
and Marketing


Project Tasks at
Learnible Global


The ideal candidate

Other requirements

What you will Get

Application Deadline: 13th March 2023
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