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About Learnible

Learnible is a learning innovation agency that uses the power of collaborative design to deliver learning experiences and products that lead to impactful transformation. Learnible works with diverse partners and serves clients globally.

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From quick, practical courses to comprehensive curriculum, learn everything you need to know about the most sought-after entrepreneurship skills from an African perspective.


The training was fun and informative. It made me reflect on times when I stick to doing things the same way and expecting different results. Going forward I committed to adopting a growth mindset of looking for ways of improvement in all I do

Senior People and Culture Advisor


We are grateful to you for helping us bring this Academy to life from scratch. We are proud to have a program that can be accessed by our people for continuous learning and growth. We appreciate your support, engagement and handling the diversity of our teams and locations throughout this process

Inkomoko Team

The depth of knowledge, the engaging facilitation style, and the generosity of the trainer allowed the participants to make the most of the session, get practical tools to help develop their respective businesses and enjoy the process. I hope to get more opportunities to collaborate.

Candace Nkoth Bisseck

Fmr. Program Manager, eTrade for Women, UNCTAD

I learned a lot in the Customer Service and Negotiation Skills training. I learned how to reciprocate and create value and a balanced interest between the company and the customer. I will recommend this training

Quality Assurance Manager


The flow of the entire session was good. Most importantly, the ideal customer mapping exercise enabled me to see my various value areas and the potential customers that I did not even think about

J.O. Akor


There was thoughtfulness in ensuring that the learning experience had the users in mind and was tailored to the unique work environment of the participants to ensure learners got the very best.

Elizabeth Scutchfield

Program Strategist, United States